Ilpa Adesivi

Ilpa Marble and Granite Product Line

ILPA specializes in the production of professional products for treating granite, marble, and stone materials and surfaces. Ilpa Adesivi products are perfect for both professional applications and do-it-yourself projects. This Italian company has been a leader in quality and technological innovations since it's founding in the 1980's.

Ilpa Extra Lux   Ilpa Extra Wax

ILPA Adesivi Extra Lux

The Extra Lux self-polishing varnish is formulated with resins and very selected waxes, the mixture ensures flawless polishing on marble and granite. The formula has been developed to provide the treated surface with a lasting polish, even after exposure to atmospheric conditions. Lab tests have shown that marble treated with Extra Lux and then exposed to UV-A light for 40 days doesn’t undergo any alteration.


ILPA Adesivi Extra Wax

Solvent based liquid wax, particularly suitable to improve brilliance after polishing. It is an high outcome wax: around 10/15 square meters can be covered with 1 litre of product, provided the material is medium-absorbent. Light resistant and doesn’t turn yellow.

Ilpa Epokitt Epoxy Resin   Ilpa Epokitt Hardener

ILPA Adesivi Epokitt Epoxy Resin

Epokitt is a high quality liquid epoxy resin with low viscosity that allows penetration into very thin cracks. It controls solvent resistance, improves resistance to acids, and increases impact resistance. Other features of note: better filling power, less odour, less vapour tension and potentially lower working risks. Epokitt epoxy resin can also be used to reinforce marble slabs, penetrating into the micro cracks, or welding fibreglass netting underneath the slab.


ILPA Adesivi Epokitt Hardner

Amino cicloalifatico hardener for Epokitt Epoxy Resin. Use 1 part hardener to 2 parts resin; hardening of the resin can be completed in about 4-6 hours according to atmospheric conditions, while the working time at 68°F is about 23 minutes.

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