Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano Slab 1

Giallo Veneziano granite is a durable granite recommended for commercial and residential projects including flooring, landscaping, walls, and countertops. Giallo Veneziano granite is quarried in Brazil ans sports a rich golden background with black and gray veins. There are several variations of this granite called "Classico", "Fiorito", and "Gold".




Primary Colour(s) Yellow, Golden Brown
Stone Type Granite
Available Finishes Polished, Honed, Leathered/Brushed
Also Know As N/A
Variation Medium



Available Sizes



12 x 12
18 x 18
24 x 24
Others available upon request.

Note: Some sizes may not be in stock on site at all times but are still obtainable.



Technical and Physical Characteristics

Compression tensile strength 1675 kg/cm2
Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles 1649 kg/cm2
Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength 105 kg/cm2
Water Absorption 0.001900
Density 2574 kg/m3

Note: These figures and details are given for guidance purposes only.

Giallo Veneziano Slab 2
Giallo Veneziano Classic Close 1
   Disclaimer: As this is a natural product, not all if any of the material will look exactly like the photos seen here. Monitor settings can also affect the appearance of the photos. It's always best to drop in and see samples and/or slabs in person.
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