HMK Stone Care

We carry the entire HMK® Stone Care System product line which includes a complete, comprehensive and interrelated series of products for all natural and semi-natural stone, and man-made hard surfaces. Unlike other products, which were initially designed for ceramics and later modified to accommodate natural stone, the HMK® system was specifically developed for natural stone and marble. Laboratory tested and field proven by professionals, the HMK® Stone Care System shows superior results over using individual products.

HMK® is known worldwide as the most complete stone care line, with over 60 specialty products, designed to maintain the natural beauty of stone, tile and pavers. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in our products and are biodegradable whenever possible. They never use chemicals that will deteriorate the stone or make it look artificial, washed out or yellow. From Pre-Treatment and Initial Clean Up, through Protection, Ongoing Maintenance, and Refinishing, regular HMK® usage ensures the lasting beauty of your installation.

Visit the HMK website for the full listing of products and resources.

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